“Your child has cancer…”


It is impossible to imagine the pain and fear of hearing a doctor speak those words. But for our Go Gold Cambridge families, it is a terrible reality that has altered their lives. All parents can agree they would do anything in the world for their children; but the parents of our Go Gold families literally live by that philosophy every day:


·         They have quit their jobs in order to accommodate the demanding hospital and treatment schedules required for their child.

·         They have abandoned the sorely needed benefit programs once provided by their employers so they can be there for their stricken child every minute, every day.

·         They have plunged deep into debt in order to pay for the endless bills not covered by government programs or charities.

·         They are forced to overlook the lives of their other children in order to prioritize the needs of their little patient.

·         They have given up the routine necessities of their daily lives that most of us take for granted: a night out, a car repair, a dentist appointment - their own health and welfare, sacrificed for the happiness and well-being of their sick child.


Our Go Gold Cambridge families give up so much, and ask nothing in return. That’s why we are asking for them. They, like you, would give up anything to ensure just one more day of joy for their sick child. Faced with the prospect of two or more years of costly, heartbreaking treatments, our parents have given up EVERYTHING for their children, without hesitation or question. But they can’t do it alone. That’s why we need your help.


Cancer only takes. We need you to give!


You can have a direct and immediate impact on the lives of our Go Gold children and their families - TODAY! You could help each child, each family, NOW, through a donation to help lessen the impact of the most frightening news a parent will ever receive.


No one fights alone!