Daxtin: AGE 9

High Risk Medulloblastoma

Misdiagnosed for over 3 months, Daxtin was finally diagnosed with High Risk Medulloblastoma (brain Cancer).  Since June 2016 we have been to multiple hospitals, walk in clinics, family doctors, pediatricians and optometirsts trying to figure out why Daxtin was suffering from headaches, stomach pains, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite and tiredness.  For over three months we were told it was just a common stomach bug and migraine…”give him Tyelenol and Gravol and it should get better”.  Finally, after seeing an amazing pediatrician and Optometrist it was noted that Daxtin had a Nystagmus (a dancing eye). 

An MRI was finally booked for Oct 9th, 2016… but the results were not what we wanted to hear.  Daxtin had a tumour.  It felt like our world had come crashing down around us.  We were then transported from Grand River Hospital to McMaster Children’s hospital in Hamilton.  We met with an amazing team who told us the next step was another MRI, Surgery and then a Biopsy.  October 12th, 2016 Daxtin had a 7Hr long surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible.  However, where the tumour was sitting in his right cerebellum, it was pushed against his nervous system, our neurosurgeon was unable to safely remove all the tumor.  Approximately 95% was removed.  The surgery went well.  Daxtin recovered with a few complications such a high blood pressure and some laboured breathing, but after 6 days he was able to go home. 

A hearing test showed that Daxtin has lost all the hearing in his right ear from the tumor pressing against his nervous system.

We received the results of the biopsy on Nov 4th 2016: Fast growing, high-risk medulloblastoma. 

Right away, Daxtin had a sedated Bone Marrow Aspiration, was fitted for a helmet for his 31 treatments of radiation and had a port o cath inserted into the right side of his chest.  He also had multiple tests for hearing loss, a Nuclear Kidney flush, hundreds of finger pokes and blood taken.

Daxtin has successfully completed his 31 treatments of radiation and 6 cycles of chemotherapy during radiation.  He is has also very recently completed 6 cycles of chemotherapy which required him to be admitted to McMaster Children’s hospital. With weekly blood counts and monthly hearing and Nuclear flush check ups in between cycles.

The doctors are almost 95% sure that all the tumour now is gone and there is only scar tissue left.  Daxtin is getting stronger and stronger every day and is hoping to start school again this year.