Go Gold Cambridge is hosting it's first Online Market Mania in support of our 13 Cambridge families with children fighting cancer. 

From Sept 1st to Sept 30th we invite you to visit our online market and browse through all of the generous vendors that have signed up to sell their products or services and will donate a portion of their sales to Go Gold Cambridge.  

In October, every dollar raised during this fundraiser and any other fundraiser held during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month will be divided equally among each of our 13 families to try and ease the burden of the stressful financial strain that comes with caring for a child with Cancer.  

Go Gold Cambridge was formed in 2016 with the goal of supporting every single family in Cambridge who was dealing with the heartbreak of caring for a child diagnosed with Cancer.   This year, the Pandemic has made this so very difficult, but with your help, it is not impossible.  


PLEASE QUOTE promocode:
when shopping at any of our vendor shops. (online or in person)