Inoperable Brain Stem Tumour

Jaxon was diagnosed on February 24th, 2017 with an inoperable brain tumour. The treatment plan was to keep the tumour contained with Vinblastine weekly and MRIs every 3 months to monitor it. Initially, he was taking to treatment well with very little side effects. He had difficulty swallowing so it was determined he have a G-tube implanted into his stomach so fluids could be safely received.  On January 20th 2018 we got the results that the tumour had grown 20%. So we had to change the treatment to once again try and contain the tumour from more growth. He now has central apnea and requires a bipap machine to sleep at night. His chemo is now a combination of Vincristine and Carboplatin and the side effects have really hit hard. He has trouble walking and balancing, his right eye has started turning inward and he has lost his appetite. We have had to start a new 72 week protocol with the new treatment and are continuing with MRIs every 3 months. With new procedures such as echocardiagrams, hearing tests, vision tests and neuropathy tests when the doctors require it. He is unable to attend school as his blood counts have been continuously low. He is an amazing soldier. He has taken this all in and is facing it head on. He will be 6 in July.