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Kamrin: 7

Kamrin was diagnosed the summer of 2015 with a rare slow growing tumour of the central nervous system in the brain. He had just come home from an ear doctor appointment and went into a seizure that lasted 28 minutes. It is a benign tumour but slow growing and has to be monitored every month by MRI. The tumour itself hasn't grown since diagnoses but has caused other medical issues.

Kamrin also started to show symptoms which indicated he was in precocious puberty. In males this is an underlining issue with a brain tumour. He was sent to McMaster Hospital where within a month he was sent for brain surgery to biopsy the tumour.

There really is no treatment for Kam's tumour as only 1% of people have this.

The tumour has affected his weight due to his body not telling him he is full....his eyesight, his natural steroid levels, thyroid.. as well as really bad sleep apnea and seizures. He can take meds for all of this which do help.

Kamrin loved KANE BROWN. It was his lifelong goal to meet him. He got front row seats for his 6th birthday for Kane and because of his reaction, his video was shared around the world to the point Kane Brown himself commented and sent him a bear. For Kam, music and dancing are his life... superheroes, OFC, Captain America and his latest love, YouTube videos.

Kamrin has a special way about him that when you meet him you want to never let him go. He is an amazing loving boy, emotional too... He loves love and would give the shirt off his back if he could just to see you smile once. He is an angel. This precious boy has gone through so much and yet still at the end of it all comes out smiling and actually reassuring you, to make you feel better. He's a blessing, and it's a shame everyone doesn't have a chance to see him at least once because he will have you laughing and smiling, ready to hug him when it is time to go. He is just that special.

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