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Relapsed Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Days after Christmas and fresh into a New Year filled with promise, our lives and most especially hers were changed forever. Makena Noble, part time Princess & full time Super Hero was diagnosed with ALL on January 9, 2015, She was  just 4 years old. 

21 months of chemo, other toxic yet life saving meds, & multiple procedures that would make a grown man cry and did make a Mother weep;  From Lumbar punctures to port insertions, she never gave up and continued to be a role model for everyone she met. Chemo was completed in February of 2017 and left Makena in complete remission. 

Not even a year later, during a routine check up, we got the devastating news that the Cancer was back.  Makena had relapsed.  She was started on a trial drug that successfully put her back into remission in order to proceed with a Stem Cell transplant.  

The chemotherapy and full body radiation necessary for preparation for transplant hit Makena hard.  She spent 3 out of the 5 months in the hospital fighting like only she can.  She is feisty and bold and was showing  cancer who's boss! 

Sadly, December 2018, Makena relapsed again. She spent 90 days away from home, while enduring a different treatment for her ALL. She was put once again into remission, some of her    T-cells were harvested, re-engineered and infused back into her body to be the fighters against the cancerous B-cells. 

Now at the age of 9, Makena and her family once again find themselves dealing with a relapse. After discovery in December of 2019, they had to quickly travel to Maryland for at least 8-10 weeks and prepare for another T-cell treatment. Following this the treatment is uncertain. They returned to SickKids in the spring for a minimum of 100 days. Makena received bone marrow from her brother Caden in May, and has been through may ups and downs since then.  She continues to stay close to SickKids as her body works to recover from the life threatening side-effects of treatment and once and for all kick her cancer to the curb!

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