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Rachel: Age 14
Hodgkins Lymphoma

Rachel found a lump on her neck which lead to a biopsy on October 31st at McMaster Children's Hospital. 

On November 19th, 2020 Rachel was diagnosed with low risk, stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Her treatment plan was 2 rounds of chemo and scans to see if she would need radiation.  At the end of Rachel's second round of chemo, scans showed that she would need radiation.  Last day of treatment was February 24th. Next scans are planned in the next 6 weeks to confirm the cancer is all gone.  

Rachel started grade 9 right before her diagnosis, She is enjoying going back to face to face classes and being around kids her age.  Because of COVID she has felt very isolated.  Rachel is a very happy and sweet young lady.  

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