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WYATT fought at age 12
Promyelocytic Leukemia

On August 18th 2005 I gave birth to the strongest funniest silliest bestest 8lb baby boy named Wyatt. It was a day that changed our lives forever. Normal pregnancy... no big concerns -until we met him. You see, Wyatt was born with Bilateral club feet and started the fight of his life by 20 hours old. He had his first set of casts on and they would be changed once a week for the next year. At 6 months most children would be crawling but Wyatt was having his first of many surgeries. A simple tendonoscope... that's where the main tendon in the back of your heal is cut so your foot can move easily.


Flash forward to 2 years old when we got ready for Wyatt's very first big surgery where his feet had stainless steel pins put into his bones to make them stay where they should. Long recovery time. At 4 years old,  Again, another surgery on his feet all while dealing with speech and hearing problems. At the age of 6 Wyatt was diagnosed with a mental disability that makes him act and behave alot younger than he is. Yet again more surgeries that came with a bone infection and more time in hospital.


On May 9 2016 one more surgery on his left foot that went horribly wrong and his foot turned necrotic that ate to the bone. He lived in hospital from May- November being put to sleep every two days for debridement cause it was just too painful. He was given sedation a total of 64 times. He finally got discharged home on the condition that we bring him back for more debridement every two days. Finally Wyatt was happy... but it was very short lived.


On August 18th, Wyatt's 11th birthday, he was sent back to hospital with a blood infection from the PICC line that was put in because his veins just couldn't take anymore and that blood infection caused another bone infection. After that, we spent the next 2 years fighting infection after infection in his foot because we could never find him shoes that didn't rub his foot raw. Through all of this, Wyatt was still a little boy riding his bike and having fun playing outside. He hardly ever complained about pain unless it was really bad, even though he has arthritis in both feet and osteoporosis in the left ( that we call his bad foot)


On September 18th I saw something in my baby that wasn't right. I took him to hospital thinking 'here we go again, yet another infection somewhere in him'. But it was so much worse than that. I demanded a blood test and 2 days later,  Wyatt's father and I heard the words no parent ever wants to hear. YOUR SON HAS CANCER. Wyatt was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia (APML). Wyatt has had 107 bags of arsenic (yes I said arsenic) and countless chemotherapy pills, 6 a day for a year and a half, not to mention all of the other medications and transfusions he needed. Wyatt ended treatment on May 30, 2019 and is still in remission but goes for tests every 3 months to track his cancer and hope it stays away.

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