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DAYTYN fought at age 10
Myelodysplastic Syndromes

Daytyn has had a lot on the go from early in his life, from being diagnosed with ADHD to ODD, developmental delay, sensory processing and social issues. While this was always hard for me to watch him endure and struggle through it may just have been a saving grace, In July of 2017 we went in for routine bloodwork to ensure the medication he was taking wasn't harming his little body; he'd been getting frequent nosebleeds and I was worried. Over the course of 3 days we were sent back to labs, to our GP, pediatrician, and then Mac. Within a couple of weeks, after a multitude of tests, it was found Daytyn had MDS.

Daytyn went through months of chemo at mac, while awaiting a bone marrow transplant. His brother was to be the donor, but that was quickly shut down. We then found a 5/6 cord blood donor and things were a go! Shortly after we got this news we found out the donor showed markers for hep b, we had to make a decision. There were no other matches and Daytyn's condition was quickly deteriorating- so I chose to go ahead. Upon arriving at sick kids the day we started conditioning they told us there was a concern over the temp of the sample from transport.. again we were on edge, but in the end it was okay!

Daytyn started his conditioning and on March 13 2018 he had his transplant. It was a long scary time, but we were hopeful. On April 1st he engrafted!

Daytyn unfortunately wasnt getting any better - on April 24th drs confirmed his transplant failed.

With no donors in the registry and a boy whose body was teetering on the edge, we had to move fast. They decided to use me as a donor, Daytyn immediately started conditioning again and this time including TBI (radiation) -on may 8th 2018, Daytyn had his second transplant, This brought major complications BUT Daytyn fought so hard through all of it and most days with a smile and full of personality. Today, we are 1 year post transplant, still dealing with a lot of side effects from treatment BUT he is happy and continues to light up a room with his smiles

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