Relapsed Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

On Friday July 13th, 2012. our family's world was shattered when an ER physician from Cambridge Memorial Hospital told us he suspected Nevan had Leukemia.  After  being transferred by Ambulance to McMaster Children's Hospital and undergoing countless tests, it was confirmed a week later that our 4 year old little boy had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.   

Nevan underwent active chemotherapy for over 2 years including 30 intramuscular injections into his thighs.  He showed strength and Bravery well beyond his years throughout the whole process.  

On August 28th, 2014 our family celebrated Nevan's last dose of chemo. As everyone who begins this battle is told, anything can happen within the first year after treatment ends, so we didn't celebrate this amazing milestone.  Even at one year, we had a private "hooray" with family but were still too weary to have a big celebration.  At the end of November...15 months post treatment and with Nevan showing no signs of sickness, we booked a 7 day cruise with extended family to celebrate his 8th birthday and being cancer free.  It was the trip of a lifetime and everyone had the most amazing time.  

Just a few short days after returning from our celebratory trip, Nevan's cancer had relapsed.  

He began another grueling, harsher 2 year treatment plan.  This time it tested us to limits beyond the first battle.  Nevan was very fragile and sufferred an E Coli infection that kept him admitted at the hospital so long that we was afraid to return home. He fought hard and recovered well.  We were about 1 month shy of celebrating the end of his second treatment when we got a call saying Nevan's Cancer had now appeared in his Central Nervous System.  

Without even a moment's break, we entered a third battle that had us sent to the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia with high hopes that a new T Cell Study would provide us with the treatment we needed.  We returned home after 2 months away with our heads hung low as the treatment failed to bring the results we wanted. 

We now sit in limbo trying to muster up the strength to enter the ring for the 4th time.  Nevan is a true warrior and fights with ferocity.  His smile rarely leaves his face and he spends much of his day horsing around with his sister whom he loves dearly.